Negotiations Update for September 14, 2020:

The BEA Negotiations Team has come to a Tentative Agreement with the Brandywine School District on a new 3-year agreement!  The next steps in the process are (1) giving members an opportunity to review the proposed changes and to ask questions of the negotiations team, (2) holding a ratification vote, and (3) final approval by the BEA Representative Council.  You can expect future communications to provide the details of how we will be conducting each step of this process.

Of the six rounds of negotiations of which I have been involved, this was the strangest due to the extreme circumstances of 2020.  I want to thank the members of the Negotiations team for their unwavering commitment and unbelievable flexibility.  They participated in team meetings and negotiations sessions almost every week for the past 10 months!  Each member of the team is an incredible resource for me, and they do an outstanding job of representing each and every member’s interests.  Please thank them for their service when you “see” them!

The 2020 BEA Negotiations Team members are Sean Dulin (CHS), Jamie Fitzhugh (PSMS – Chair), Kristi Grant (HES), Jessica Levesque (MLES), Jennifer O’Neil (CHS), Sandy Shoemaker (HES), Lisa Weidman (PSMS), and David Davis (DSEA).​

         In solidarity,

         Jamie Fitzhugh

         BEA Negotiations Chair